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Bitter.Paper.Tart is a community for artists of all skill levels, of all persuasions. What we have in common is an interest in improvement and creating bonds to help and support.

The group is private and based on invite-only. Please do not attempt to join if you have not been invited; your membership request will be declined!

Members are selected for their dedication, willingness to help, and positive attitude. No emo, and no egomania please.


» 18+ only. Material may be unsuitable for children.
» Membership by invite only.
» Community will be locked to members. Non-members may not view or comment.
» Don't flame the other members.
» Don't flamecrit.
» If someone else's subject matter offends you, just skip that post.


» You're encouraged to post sketches, WIPs, etc.
» If you want redline, request redline.
» If the image contains offensive/sexual material, please forewarn members lest they open it at work.
» If you want help on a specific aspect, ask for it.
» LJ-cut all large (above 600 px wide) and all NWS art.
» Don't use "Well that's how my style is" as an excuse.
» You can post any content matter~ slash, femslash, het, anthro, animals, comics, mech, biomech, etc.
» When you're finished and have taken everyone's suggestions, please post your final work for us to admire.


» No flame-crit and no negative crit. You are smart enough to figure out what these are!
» Constructive critique involves offering solutions, not just pointing out problems.
» You must list the strengths of the piece as well!
» If the artist says no redline, then don't redline.
» There is some vague allowance for style, but technical details persist.
» Don't just point out stupid shit for the sake of pointing it out. If you don't have any suggestions for improvement, leave a comment about the mood of the piece, or the effect it has on you.


Please make posts vaguely following this format:

» Title / subject
» Medium
» Worksafe / not worksafe
» Warnings (ie. nudity, violence, etc)
» Status (sketch, color-in-progress, finished work, etc)
» Your own thoughts on the piece
» Any specific critique you want to request from fellow members
» Redline / no redline


There is a club on y!Gallery located at Bitter Paper Tart for BPT/y!G members to post their finished yaoi works.


If you do not have somewhere to host your redlines, contact kidavi and I'll set you up with a limited FTP directory on my personal space.